Gateway to Cape Town Harbour.

5 minutes from City Centre

Paarden Eiland

On Saturday, 5 July 2014, MyCiTi launched the N2 Express routes, the first of many pathways designed to connect the areas of Mitchells Plain and Khayelitsha with central Cape Town. This is the beginning of a large-scale rollout in these suburbs, and residents can further look forward to not only the construction of depots in the Mitchells Plain town centre and in Nolungile, but also the activation of a number of other feeder routes.

Paarden Eiland means ‘island of horses’. Paarden Eiland is an industrial area situated in Cape Town. This industrial area is rather large and home to hundreds of large showrooms and spaces all manufacturing different things.

Paarden Eiland is close to the beautiful harbour and boasts a lovely flea market every Sunday where all sorts of wares can be bought.

The glistening Liesbeek River is a river in Cape Town named after a small river in Holland. The first "free burghers" of the Dutch East India Company were granted land to farm along the river in 1657, shortly after the first Dutch settlers arrived in the Cape. The river starts in the mountain gorges above Kirstenbosch and runs through parts of Cape Town's Southern Suburbs.

It eventually joins the Black River to empty into Table Bay at Paarden Island. The Liesbeek River is home to an amphibian known as a Platanna. The Platanna is used for important medical research purposes at Paarden Eiland as well as other venues.

Paarden Eiland is ideally situated in amongst the hustle and bustle of the city. It is close to all services and amenities and ideal for motor, home improvements and leisure industries. For business purposes, Paarden Island is definitely the place to start one. It offers fantastic amenities and situated on a busy intersection.



The establishment of the Paarden Eiland City Improvement District (PECID) was approved by the Cape Town City Council in May 2005 following an application by property owners in the area. After eight months of delays with CIPRO and SARS, the CID officially began its work in March 2006.

The history of the association of industrialists in the area goes back as far as 1947 when the Paarden Eiland Industrialists & Ratepayers Association was founded by Louis Glassman, a prominent property and business owner in the area.

In 1972 the Metro Industrial Township joined the scheme and it was renamed the Paarden Eiland & Metro Association, or PEMA as it became generally known. Working closely with the City Council, PEMA continued its work maintaining and improving the area, but, as membership was on a voluntary basis, it became increasingly evident that those who contributed by paying membership fees were carrying all those businesses who did not.

By forming a City Improvement District, where all property owners would contribute to the upkeep of the area, a group of interested property owners decided that this was in the best interests of the community. They applied to the City of Cape Town for the establishment of a City Improvement District and after 58 years of voluntary membership by the few, PEMA became PECID (Paarden Eiland City Improvement District), a Section 21 Company owned and financially supported by all property owners in Paarden Eiland.

Paarden Eiland Central Improvement District (PECID)

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